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I am a director in a surgical company called “figado Ltd”. The purpose of this section is to acquaint you or your representative with how figado Ltd works and the information you may need to supply to our staff or to your insurer. The cost of private medical services can be met essentially in two ways, by Insurance or by your own personal funds. So let me now deal with these separately and explain how they work.

Private Medical Insurance (PMI)

This is an insurance policy with a health insurance company, generally a section/department of one of the major insurance companies. There are many levels of cover offered by these companies. The “plans”, as they are often called are designed to make available various levels of premiums to patients, so you should always check that any appointments or procedures you may need are covered by your policy.  Most companies, if not all, require, you, the insured, to contact them before you attend a consultation or have a procedure. You should ask your insurer for a pre-authorisation number to cover your appointment or series of appointments whichever is appropriate. Make a note of this number as you will need it. Please do not assume that a policy covers everything you may need, check with your company.

figado Ltd. works with all the major health insurance companies in the UK and Ireland. As we are a registered provider with these companies we will invoice them on your behalf. In some cases there may be an “excess” attached to your cover which you, the insured, have a liability to pay. Generally figado only become aware of the level of this excess after our account has been paid by your insurer. At that point you will/may receive an invoice from figado for that excess.

Some insurers require you the patient to settle your account, with figado, in the first instance and then claim the payment back from them, if this is the  case we will inform you. Benenden insured patients are now required to contact BUPA prior to treatment commencing. Please contact figado Accounts Dept. if you require any further information or assistance.

Self Funders

As the name implies the self funder is responsible for the settlement of all accounts from their own funds. For information regarding Initial, and review/follow up consultations please contact figado Ltd. Some procedures, if required, are available to self funders on a FPS basis (Fixed Price Surgery) For further information on FPS please contact the clinic concerned. 

Information required by figado Ltd. (all patients)

Not all information required by figado Ltd. will be available to us at your Initial consultation. Following that appointment you may be contacted for some additional details which enables us to complete our administrative function with the minimum of disturbance to yourself. This may cover the following:-

      • Email address
      • Payment details
      • Verification of current information
      • Pre-Authorisation number and policy number

Your security

So that you can feel secure and confident when you are being contacted by figado Accounts Dept. please ask the caller to provide the following information before giving out any information yourself.

      • Your consultants name
      • Your date of birth
      • Your clinic number
      • Your initial appointment date

All of this information is available to you on the label you received from the reception desk in the Ulster Independent Clinic. Please have one available if you can, to ensure the information is accurate. Other clinics may vary slightly but you will be advised of this.

Contacts at figado

Contacting figado is very simple. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our service, your appointments, or your account. We can be contacted using the following. It should be appreciated that the administrative staff of figado Ltd. are part time, however they will answer your queries as soon as possible.

Personal Assistant: Ms Lyndsey O’Neil 07526751352

Accounts Dept: All accounts for Figado Ltd are operated by Medserv (     

Some useful numbers

AVIVA General enquiries 0800 158 3333

Exeter Family Friendly 0300 123 3201

Simply Health 0800 854 929

CIGNA 01475 492 145

Vitality Health (PRU) 0800 092 9400

Westfield 0114 250 2000

BUPA 0845 755 3333

WPA 01823 625 170

AXA PPP 0800 206 1787

PPP Health online 0345 600 7696

Many thanks,  Mark A. Taylor

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